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Högre Höjder AB offers inspection and repair services for wind turbine rotor blades

Roof work · Facade work · Maintenance · Consulting

Training · Downspouts and gutters · Roof painting

Snow shoveling and ice removal

Installation of signs · Inspections · Window cleaning

What is Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB?
Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB works with rope access and advanced rope techniques. We use a safe and complete system where a technician makes use of ropa and special equipment to perform work at height and hard to access locations. Rope access has been developed from climbing and caving activities into industrial climbing techniques. Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB works on roofs, facades and other high places, for example cleaning of gutters and downspouts, painting of roofs, render repairs, facade cleaning, snow removal. Read more on the services page.

Why Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB?
Within Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB, we have the optimal combination of equipment, techniques and experience, which offers flexibility, cost-effective and a safe system for solving access issues where conventional equipment fails.

  • Versatility
Rope access methods can be used in many different environments and tasks - from house roof tops to sky scrapers to wind turbines to the Öresund bridge. There are many situations where traditional methods such as scaffolding, skylifts or ladders can not compete with the solutions offered by rope access techniques.

  • Cost-effective
Rope access system can be installed rapidly and uninstalled just a fast, which lets the workers focus on the working task at hand instead spending time and focus on setting up access methodology around it. By avoiding the use of skylifts and scaffoldings reduces the cost of the entire project.

  • Safe
Within Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB education and training is one of the most important goals. We follow IRATA's certification process (www.irata.org), which includes continuous education about methods, safety and rescue procedure in case an accident takes place. We also carry full insurance coverage. Högre Höjder Ropeaccess AB has liability insurance up to 10 million swedish crowns.

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